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By Mike Moore                                                                    Photo by Ryan Kerwin, JTV Sports

Staff Writer


The first game was one Travis Gaddy just wanted in terms of taking on one of the best.


The second one, a little different, with the possibility of an undefeated regular season coming into view.


Now, well, Friday night is one he flat out wants in a bad, bad way.


“We’re excited, and that’s the big thing,” Gaddy said of tonight’s 7 p.m. Class C district final between his Michigan Center boys basketball team and Hanover-Horton. The game is at Napoleon. “We stress to our kids to relax and be confident with what we’re doing. If we’re able to do that, we’ll be in good shape.”


The Cardinals have been in good shape all season, now 22-0 on the year.


They’ve also faired well against Hanover, winning 66-47 on Jan. 19 and 64-51 on Feb. 15.


Both games, though, have very deceiving final scores.


Hanover was right in the first one before Center had a strong third quarter, and in the second meeting, the game was tied 28-28 at halftime.


That’s certainly keeping the Cardinals from assuming anything is a given.


“They say it’s hard to beat a team three times in one year, and I believe that,” Gaddy said. “They’ve seen us. They’ve seen our out-of-bounds plays. They’ve seen how we can go in scoring spurts. They have two games worth to adjust to.”


Oh, there’s also something else.


“They’ve won 15 straight districts,” Gaddy said of Hanover. “What have we done to earn the right to be considered the favorite? They’ve been here before. Hanover has that feeling of being in this every year, which is an advantage for them.”


There’s also the little fact that the Comets are rolling right now, and 19-1 against every team not named Michigan Center.


“Our goal is to push the tempo, use our depth and do what’s worked for us all year,” Gaddy said. “We have to stick with our team concept. But we expect a great atmosphere and a great game.”


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Mike Moore is a play-by-play commentator and Sports Writer for JTV Sports.


He’s also a Real Estate agent with Real Estate One, specializing with buyers and sellers throughout Michigan, from the Jackson area to metro Detroit. You can reach him at mjm12@albion.edu or by calling (313) 770-6365 with any inquiries.

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