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Adrien Sharp

Adrien Sharp serves as host of  “Food Circus” and previously “Home for Dinner” on JTV.  Adrien’s passion for cooking caught the attention of The Food Network, selecting him as a finalist on season 3 of “The Next Food Network Star”.  Appearances on “The Today Show” and hosting duties for a web series by Kraft Foods followed.  In addition to food, Adrien’s passions are music, soccer and his family.  When not on JTV, Adrien is a private chef and food company manager.  He enjoys time on the lake, playing sports and time with his wife and three children.

Lisa Spampinato Photo Final

Lisa Spampinato

Lisa Spampinato is the host of “In the Kitchen with Lisa”, a regular feature on “The Bart Hawley Show” and some time host of “Food Circus”.  Lisa is a long-time executive chef and owner of In the Kitchen Personal Chef Services.  Lisa has catered events of all sizes and has volunteered her services for many charity events.  Lisa and her husband Mike have two sons.  Lisa can even feed a football team, and often has for her son’s high school football team dinners.  Growing up on Long Island, Lisa was exposed to many various ethnic cooking styles and learned to love and appreciate them all.


Krissy Kerwin

Krissy Kerwin is a native of Jackson and a globe-trotting executive as in-flight caterer for many superstars of entertainment and sports.  Krissy loves to experiment with new flavors and fresh ingredients discovered in her travels.  Krissy attended Le Cordon Bleu: California School of Culinary Arts and was a contestant on “Chopped” on The Food Network.   Krissy is a food writer for several magazines and food safety and food handling trainer for the airline industry.  She spends time with her daughter and her cat, Gus Gus as well as volunteering for animal rescue causes.

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Sipping & Tipping with the Andersons

Join us each week for “Sipping & Tipping with the Andersons”, sponsored by the Anderson Distributing Company and hosted by Rick Collett, Dave Valkuchak and Steve Anderson.

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Food Circus: Sandhill Crane Vineyards

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Food Circus: Olivia's Chop House

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Schlenker's and West Point Lounge on Food Circus

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The Pickle Barrel Deli on Food Circus

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The Deck Down Under on Food Circus

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