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JTV Presents “Broadway at Wharton” on film at The Michigan Theatre


once-movie-poster-2006-1020449054The Wharton Center for Performing Arts, The Michigan Theatre and JTV present a special FREE series of films that inspired this season’s Broadway shows at The Wharton Center.  See the film at the Michigan Theatre and then see the live show at The Wharton Center!

Friday, October 3, The Michigan Theatre presents “Once” at 7:00 PM.  At the screening, you will learn more about the Broadway Show “Once” and have a chance to win tickets and other great prizes.  Doors open at 6:30pm.

Come see the Sundance Award winning film “Once” at the Michigan Theatre…and then see the Tony Award winning musical “Once” at the Wharton Center!


Austrian Students Visit Jackson


A group of 27 high school students from Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck are on a two-week study abroad trip to Jackson, attending classes at Jackson High School.  German teacher Rush Bowers taught at the school in Austria for eight years before returning to Jackson to head up the German language program at Jackson Public Schools.  The students toured the JTV studios and were represented on today’s show by Dorothy, Pia and Melanie along with their instructor Rosie Knoflach.  Other guests:  Jackson County Airport Manager Kent Mauer;  Jayme Bicknell, Fan Services Manager, Michigan International Speedway;  Cindy Hayden, Bikes & BBQ;  Mike Henry, Mike’s Novus Windshield Repair.

Today’s show replays Tuesday, September 30.

Wharton Center Kicks Off 2014-15 Season

Bob Hoffman with Bart

Bob Hoffman with Bart

The Wharton Center for Performing Arts kicks off the new season with the Tony award winning musical “Once”, October 14-19.  Bob Hoffman, Public Relations Manager previewed the selection of Broadway, concerts and dance events on the schedule.  Tickets and more information available here.  The Michigan Theatre, in partnership with JTV and The Wharton Center, will present a series of films this season as a preview for several Broadway shows that are also films.  On Friday, October 3 at 7 PM, “Once”, a Sundance Audience Favorite winner will be presented free.  Other guests:  Nancy Peters-Lewis, Executive Director, College and Career Access Center;  Arlene Robinson and Don Tassie, Jackson Chapter NAACP;  Janet Parker, Jackson Underworld;  Dave DeBaker with movie reviews and Ric Walton, The Walton Insurance Group.

JSO Begins 65th Season

Stephen Osmond with Bart

Stephen Osmond with Bart

Jackson Symphony Orchestra Director Stephen Osmond will be conducting the first concert of the 2014-15 season on Saturday, October 4: The Moldau and the North Sea.  The concert will feature a multimedia experience with selections on the theme of “water”.  Other guests:  Lee-Perry Belleau, Executive Director, Bohm Theatre;  Deven Moore, JPS Virtual School and Wilson Academy;  Heather Castle, Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church;  Jeff Mazur and Stan Mazur, Kiwanis Club Flowering Tree Project;  Brian Surgener, Jackson Coffee Co. “Drawings of the Month”.

Supreme Court Candidate Campaigns in Jackson

Richard Bernstein with Bart

Richard Bernstein with Bart

With the theme “Fairness for All”, Attorney Richard Bernstein brought his campaign for Michigan Supreme Court Justice to the show today.  As a member of the family law firm, The Sam Bernstein Law Firm, he has won several landmark, precedent setting cases while running the Public Services Division. Richard has served on the Wayne State University Board of Governors, including two years as chair and two years as vice chair.  He talked about the challenges he has faced in several pro bono cases and as an endurance athlete.  Other guests:  Michigan State Park Managers Gary Jones and Jim O’Brien;  a campus tour of Baker College;  Ray Snell, Reagan Ranch BBQ;  Rock Mangus and Tammy Brindle, Mission of Hope Cancer Fund;  Sue Lovell, Cascades Humane Society Pet of the Week.

JATA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Simon Foster and Brad Charkowske

Simon Foster and Brad Charkowske

Jackson Area Transportation Authority Executive Director Brad Charkowske and Simon Foster, Government and Community Relations Manager are planning a celebration event to mark fifty years of the Authority.  Monday, September 29th at the Downtown Transfer Center, guests will be treated to refreshments and a program that looks back on the past 50 years.  The event will begin at 3:00pm.  Other guests:  Big Brothers Big Sisters Executive Director Bruce Van Eyck with Deb Chambers, “Comedy for Kids’ Sake”;  Shelly Hendrick, Exective Director, Jackson Habitat for Humanity;  George Veach, Kiwanis Club of Jackson Travel Adventure Film Series;  Jessica Lutz, American 1 Credit Union;  Shawna Tello and Diane Buckley, Jackson YMCA.

Jackson Competitors in Miss Michigan USA


Emily Sioma and Ellen Wilson with Bart

Emily Sioma and Ellen Wilson with Bart

Jackson County RoseQueen 2013 Emily Sioma and Miss Jackson County Teen USA 2013 Ellen Wilson will be competing in the Miss Michigan USA pageants this weekend in Port Huron.  Emily and Ellen will be competing in their respective pageants at the McMorran Entertainment Center starting on Friday evening.  Other guests:  State Representative Earl Poleski;  Attorney Rick Mills;  Suzanne Weible and Dave Zokvic, Jackson District Library Grass Lake Branch;  Cassandra Spicer, Beads to Live By.


Week 5 Football Schedule

Ida (4-0) at Columbia Central (0-4)

Hanover-Horton (4-0) at Manchester (3-1)

Grand Ledge (2-2) at Jackson (3-1)

Marshall (1-3) at Lumen Christi (4-0) Saturday

Michigan Center (0-4) at Napoleon (2-2)

Northwest (0-4) at Coldwater (4-0)

Addison (0-4) at Vandercook Lake (3-1)

Western (2-2) at Charlotte (1-3)

Homer (4-0) at Jonesville (3-1)

Detroit Allen Academy (0-4) at Grass Lake (4-0)

Erie Mason (1-3) at Hillsdale (3-1)

Perry (1-3) at Stockbridge (3-1)

Reading (2-2) at Concord (0-4)

Chucky’s Week 5 Picks

Perfection – thy name is Chucky Buckles. That’s right, kids, ‘ol Chucky became the first feline to achieve a Zen-like state with last week’s perfect 10-0 record in the picks. Something like that hadn’t been done since the Great Helsinki Incident of 1922, and I think we all know how that turned out. But Chucky’s work is never done…

Ida @ Columbia Central: Ida’s team name is the Blue Streaks. The last time Chucky had blue streaks he spent a week in the clinic. PICK: Ida

Hanover-Horton @ Manchester: The Comets are in rarified air at 4-0, but the Dutch aren’t impressed. They secretly replace the fine Gatorade they usually serve the visiting team with Folger’s Crystals. Google it. PICK: Manchester

Grand Ledge @ Jackson: The Ledge’s mascot, ‘Ronny the Ram,’ breaks loose in the third quarter and goes on the run. He later enters the game and kicks a field goal to add insult to injury. PICK: Grand Ledge

Marshall @ Lumen Christi: In a highly controversial move, Marshall High administrators agree to change their team name again, this time from Red Hawks to Mathers. Only a handful are impressed. PICK: Lumen Christi

Michigan Center @ Napoleon: Trying to give the team a boost, MC fans drag along the giant, inflatable cardinal to this game. Sadly, they fill it with pure helium and it floats away. Later it’s shot down by F-18’s somewhere over Washington. No charges are filed. PICK: Napoleon

Northwest @ Coldwater: The Mounties stop on their way to Coldwater to help a pair of old ladies who need a tire changed. Fearing the worst, the ladies kick each Mountie player in the shin and this really, really hurts. PICK: Coldwater

Addison @ Vandercook Lake: Addison skips the game altogether and instead enjoys a team meal at the new Klavon’s location. Vandy accepts the forfeit, 2-0, along with some cheesy bread. PICK: Vandercook Lake

Western @ Charlotte: Western fans release a wild panther at the game, which probably isn’t a smart move. It then mauls a Charlotte fan lathered in meat sauce. Which begs the question – who brings a live panther to a football game? PICK: Western

Homer @ Jonesville: In the annual battle for the ‘Ol Rusty Boot,’ Homer wins out. It’s later revealed that there was never an ‘ol rusty boot’ because boots are made of leather. PICK: Homer

Detroit Allen Academy @ Grass Lake: Warrior coaches told the players they’d be seeing ‘The Maze Runner’ instead of playing a game this weekend because of East Jackson forfeiting. Furious over missing out on all that buttered popcorn, Grass Lake pummels their visitors. PICK: Grass Lake

Erie-Mason @ Hillsdale: ‘Ancient Astronaut Theorists’ suggest aliens may have shaped our world. This begs the question – How does one become an ‘ancient astronaut theorist?’ PICK: Hillsdale

Perry @ Stockbridge: A controversy is brewing in Stockbridge, where a group of residents are trying to change the town’s name to ‘Stonehenge.’ While this doesn’t make much sense, it’s a heck of a story. PICK: Stockbridge

Rockford @ Caledonia: Rockford’s equipment is stolen before the game, forcing the Rams to play the contest with big bean bags duct taped to themselves. The whole thing is kind of silly. PICK: Rockford

Chucky’s Week 4 Game Picks

Chucky is excited this week on a couple of fronts. First, he went 9-2 (or something like that) last week and feels he’s trending upward. Second, he really likes being able to say things like ‘trending upward.’ Also, he engaged in a really heated battle with his own tail.

Columbia Central @ Hudson: Chucky and the Eagles were born in the same year – 1967! They also share this cool stat: Neither has ever beaten Hudson. PICK: Hudson

Grass Lake @ Napoleon: The Pirates look to rattle Grass Lake fans by turning loose a swarm of angry bees just before kickoff. The plan backfires when it’s discovered the bees weren’t really angry, just sort of bored. PICK: Grass Lake

Hanover-Horton @ Michigan Center: Chucky recently learned that, when a team forfeits a game (such as E. Jackson & Concord) the official score is 2-0. This means nothing here, of course, but is a darn cool tidbit. PICK: H-H

Jackson @ Lansing Sexton: A controversy brews at Sexton, where smaller members of the team are angry over the school nickname of ‘Big Reds.’ A compromise is reached with the introduction of their new name – ‘The Big & Also Smaller Reds.’ PICK: Sexton

Lumen Christi @ Northwest: Michigan coach Brady Hoke shows up before the game to rally players from both sides. Sadly, like his usual press conferences, he refuses to discuss anything, leaving everyone confused. PICK: Lumen Christi

Coldwater @ Western: Turns out, Lions quarterback Matt Stafford is a huge Coldwater fan, having once thrown a bevy of interceptions there. I know this doesn’t make sense but I don’t like the Lions. PICK: Coldwater

Hillsdale @ Dundee: Dundee digs into their bag of tricks and pull out the ‘ol cheese helmet ploy.’ This is where they spread pizza cheese all over their helmets. Sadly, no one really knows how that ploy got into the trick bag in the first place. PICK: Hillsdale

Leslie @ Perry: The Blackhawks replace their starting quarterback with a giant catapult taken from a local historical society. The plan backfires when the catapult discharges and whacks a few players on the noggin, causing concussions. PICK: Leslie

Stockbridge @ Lake Odessa Lakewood: The Stockbridge faithful aren’t happy with a recent decision that changes their town name to ‘Lock, Stock & Barrel.’ PICK: Stockbridge

Homer @ Reading: The Trojans, still angry over Concord’s decision to forfeit the week before, demand compensation. The Yellow Jackets agree to send forty two pounds of rice pudding to Homer – a pound for each point the Trojans would have scored if the game had been played. PICK: Homer


Sponsor Spotlight: Gary Schultz – Aspen One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

Mark Cesarz and Gary Schultz

When asked to describe an aspect of running a business that brings him the most satisfaction, Gary Schultz’ eyes lit up.

Schultz, President of Aspen One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning on West Michigan Avenue, didn’t hesitate.

“I’m really proud of our involvement in the Heat for the Holidays program,” he said. For the past twelve years, Aspen One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning has taken part in a program that provides a needy family in the community with a new furnace at no charge.

“When you see the look on people’s faces, it’s priceless,” Schultz said. “Sometimes we have to tell them that it’s really happening. They’ll watch us start working and we’ll have to remind them that it’s not going to cost them anything. You realize that you’re part of something really special.”

It’s those partnerships – those investments both in the community and in his own work force – that Schultz embraces the most.

After graduating from Ferris State in 1976, Schultz took a job with Ideal Heating & Air Conditioning (a Jackson company no longer in business) and has remained in the industry ever since. He and Mark Cesarz started Aspen One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning together and they’ve relocated a couple of times as the business has grown, finally finding a home in the old Ted Nugent Archery Museum on W. Michigan Ave. in 2000. During his time on the front lines with customers and in the shop with co-workers, he’s learned the value of building relationships and the importance of trust.

“We want our customers to be secure in the knowledge that we’re working with them on their particular project,” Schultz said. “That’s why we’ve set up our pricing structure the way we have. Our Investment Guide – which we give to each customer – shows exactly what it will cost for a particular project or need going in. If there’s a mistake somewhere, that’s on us. We want our customers to feel comfortable and confident that we’re being transparent and forward with our pricing and there won’t be any surprises.”

Aspen One Hour also offers a discount package – dubbed ‘The Comfort Club’ – that allows for maintenance check-ups and scheduled visits. Heating and cooling systems are built to last, but like anything else they require check-ups and routine maintenance in order to preserve that longevity. Aspen One Hour is constantly connecting with customers – through e-mail, phone calls or reminder cards – about maintenance checks which are, in many cases, cost free.

In 2008 they joined the ‘One Hour Group’ with the slogan ‘always on time or you don’t pay a dime.’ It’s another way to partner with their customers.

“There’s certainly a visibility there,” Schultz said. “People take time out of their day to schedule visits or when they are having a problem and they may not be happy about it because it can mean something is not working. It’s not only our job to find a solution to the problem, but to do it in a timely fashion. That’s where the slogan comes in.”

But it’s about so much more than installing or repairing heating and cooling systems. For Schultz, it’s about locating and cultivating good, young talent in an industry that, at times, is starving for it.

“One of the things I’ve always liked about this business is the hands-on aspect,” he said. “It’s a bit old-fashioned in that you can roll up your sleeves and get down to work – whether you’re installing a system or diagnosing a problem.”

And that hands-on aspect also relates to how Schultz and Cesarz interact with their staff, including often-daily training sessions and updates in the morning before the crews hit the road.

“I really enjoy the act of cultivating and developing new people,” Schultz said. “To take a young person, or someone new to this particular industry, and to work with them, to show them the details of the business from the ground up, is a great way to watch them grow. We want our employees to strive to be the absolute best at their jobs – whether they’re here for the long haul or if they choose to move on. We want to invest in our people because we know that if we do, they in turn will invest in us.”

The words keep repeating themselves -partnerships and investments – in the community and in the employees that make Aspen One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning a great place to work and a trusted name to call on for heating and air conditioning needs.

“It hasn’t always been easy,” Schultz said. “But we’re proud of what we’ve done and in our investment in this community and in our employees.”

You’re sure to recognize the trucks – the yellow ones all decked out with the Aspen One Hour logo and the clock on the side. And you’ll see that logo on JTV’s new high school football program- ‘The Aspen One Hour Football Show’ – as Gary Schultz, Mark Cesarz and the crew continue to do what they do best, which is form partnerships in the community and invest in the people that live here.

-Larry Jacobson, JTV Sports

Civil War Muster


Photographs from the 30th Cascades Civil War Muster and the Battle of the Wilderness & The Franklin-Nashville Campaign.  Photos by Ryan Kerwin, JTV.  Click above photo to launch gallery.

A Word from our Sponsors next prev

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    Brian Surgener, Jackson Coffee Company

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    Dave Ziolkowski, Auto-Lab of Jackson

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From the Community Calendar


Friday, October 3
Michigan Theatre
7:00 PM  FREE

The Wharton Center for Performing Arts, The Michigan Theatre and JTV present a special FREE series of films that inspired this season’s Broadway shows at The Wharton Center.  See the film at the Michigan Theatre and then see the live show at The Wharton Center!

Friday, October 3, The Michigan Theatre presents “Once” at 7:00 PM.  At the screening, you will learn more about the Broadway Show “Once” and have a chance to win tickets and other great prizes.  Doors open at 6:30pm.

Come see the Sundance Award winning film “Once” at the Michigan Theatre…and then see the Tony Award winning musical “Once” at the Wharton Center!

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